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GANGJI Himalayan Dark Pink Rock Salt Fine Grain (Pack Of 3)

(5 customer reviews)


Health Benefits:

➡️ Controls Blood Pressure.
➡️ Aids Digestion.
➡️ Improves Heart Health.
➡️ Helps Skin Texture.
➡️ Balance Blood PH.


Himalayan Dark Pink Rock Salt 125g natural mineral salt, Free of any chemical additive, high in minerals(up to 82) & trace elements, low on sodium content, multiple health benefits in controlling heart ailments, digestive disorders Flavoring, Sprinkling, Baking, Preservation, Cooking, Pickling

Storage Instruction:

Store In Cool, Dry Place, Away From Sunlight.

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5 reviews for GANGJI Himalayan Dark Pink Rock Salt Fine Grain (Pack Of 3)

  1. Naveen

    value for money pack

  2. Thomas

    I’ve been trying various ‘healthy’ salts and this is the one I like the most. It doesn’t compromise on flavor at all.

  3. anil

    Tastes same like the iodized white salt usually requires less quantity than the white salt doesn’t give any smell or a feel of impurities absolutely a stunning product.

  4. Sangeeta

    This is actually good product meets expectation. will order again

  5. Monika

    Rock Salt is good for health….

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