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Band Sealer

Pioneer in manufacturing of packaging machines in india since last 3 decades, offers a uniquely designed Microcontroller based Continous band sealer for wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agriculture, Pesticides for sealing of laminated pre-filled pouches.

Continuous band sealing machine Model CBS-30JM is manufactured as per the GMP standards and using high grade S.S 304 material. This makes machine suitable for not only pharmaceutical and food industries but industries having challenging work environment Salt, Detergent, Chemical and Fertilizer plants.

Continuous Band Sealers are versatile Automatic sealing machines for sealing of pre-formed pouches made up of heat sealable material including virgin and laminated pouches. Digital temperature controller/s are used to set and monitor the desired temperature according to the pouch material and thickness.

Salt Packing Machine

Double discharge mechanism in Indian salt industry and revolutionized the salt packing industry with very high speed low maintenance packaging where sophisticated machines failed to survive due to corrosive environment. Semi-automatic Volumetric cup fillers model DV-3T are designed for filling free flowing powders and granules. Machines are used for filling detergent, chemicals, Whole spices, Pulses etc.

Simple construction and easy maintenance makes these machines highly suitable for industry where skilled man power is a major hurdle. GMP models are available to suit international quality standards specially for pharma and Food industry. These machines can be delivered with dust free enclosure. Correction of volume can be done without stopping the machines to adjust the batch to batch various of the product.